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All too often, historic shops are removed and replaced with modern materials, some of which are incompatible with traditional buildings. This approach can also result in a homogenisation of town centres and detract from the individual identity of towns.

In many cases traditional shops can be repaired and renovated. This is a sustainable approach and one which can also have benefits for the retail business occupying the property. A quality period shopfront is a potential asset to any business.

Conservation of a shopfront, like any historic building, should only be undertaken in the full knowledge of the importance of the property, its history and development. To ensure understanding for the various people who may be involved in historic retail buildings I can provide a variety of bespoke services, all tailored to exactly meet your specific requirements. Every townscape and every historic shop is unique and therefore the service provided will take account of this.


new service for 2013: historic shopfronts master classes

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